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Nootropics are among the most wonderful innovations we have today. They seek to help us be the best versions of ourselves, more creative, more focused, and generally more intelligent. The secret lies in mastering the science of stacking.

We recommend that you start simple. One of the most basic stacks you can do would be to combine your piracetam with choline. As you may already know, piracetam is designed to help you sharpen your memory, become more creative, and increase your overall productivity levels. However, there is a drawback to this particular nootropic, their effects take too long to take actually materialize.

This is where choline comes in. Supplementing it with your piracetam intake serves to hasten the process and give it a jump start. After all, you want things to work as quickly as you can. On top of that, because of choline’s natural characteristics, taking both nootropics together will eventually have an amplifying effect on piracetam’s benefits. This is because the brain is stimulated to produce and release higher levels of neurotransmitters than it normally would if you had just taken piracetam by itself.

Of course, this stack is just the start. Try to explore stacking yourself to enjoy the many benefits of nootropics.

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