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Nootropics offer its users a myriad of possibilities. They can improve your memory, enhance your creativity, and make you more focused. All of them are designed, in one way or another, to increase your cognitive levels and make you more intelligent. In short, its users are given the chance to make the most of what they have and improve upon it.

With the right nootropics, you can certainly become the best version of yourself. This article seeks to help you do just that. It explains the science of nootropic stacking and provides a few examples that you can try yourself.

Stacking Nootropics

Before anything else, let us first discuss the science of stacking supplements. The concept behind nootropics is simple enough. The supplement specifically targets a section of the brain in order to improve a particular cognitive function.

Stacking operates on this same principle. However, the difference is that instead of taking one supplement, you are taking a combination of multiple supplements. The idea behind this is that you are targeting multiple areas of the brain to get multiple results.

It should also be noted here that stacking also involves getting the right mixture of nootropics. This is under the assumption that the multiple supplements being taken come together to enhance and amplify each other’s effects.

Theanine and Caffeine

One of the best nootropic stacks, combining Theanine and Caffeine, is particularly interesting. It has also been gaining a lot of popularity recently especially among the younger demographic. In particular, many college students are experimenting with this stack. This is because they want to improve not just their ability to absorb and retain information but also to enhance their focus and improve their concentration during classes.

Despite its main ingredients, this particular mixture is surprisingly mild. In fact, it is mild enough that users can make use of it every day. This stack is perfect if you are looking for a noticeable boost in your energy levels and mood. Though undoubtedly popular today, this stack has been around for quite some time. Its history serves to prove that it is extraordinarily safe.

If you are interested in giving this stack a try, it would excite you to know that it has all the benefits of caffeine but none of its nasty side effects like increased blood pressure, anxiety, and irritability. Such negative effects are normally associated with coffee consumption. Yet, through the wonders of stacking, they have been effectively eliminated. This is because L-Theanine’s effect on caffeine neutralizes these symptoms.

Oxiracetam, Piracetam, and Aniracetam

Now, before anything else, we need to mention here that this particular stack is not for beginners. Stacking multiple racetams can get pretty heavy for beginners. Take that as your warning. So, proceed with caution.

All of these nootropics belong to the same category. Yet, when combined, they produce a myriad of effects for the user. By taking all of them in a stack, you will experience a longer lasting boost in your mood and cognitive levels.

These are just a few of the nootropic stacks you could try yourself.

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