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5 Fantastic Herbs to Boost Your Brain Health

Ever feel like your brain is trapped in a dense fog? If so, you might be surprised to know that this phenomenon, commonly referred to as “brain fog”, is a symptom often linked with various health issues. It is often a good indicator that your brain isn’t getting the nutrients it needs due to your digestive system not being able to properly absorb them. If you find yourself feeling lost in the fog, consider trying one of these five herbal supplements to boost your brain’s productivity.

  1. Ashwaghanda

Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. Its name translates to “smell of horse”, although you shouldn’t let this name fool you. This adaptogenic herb is often worked into various herbal complexes. Ashwagandha’s root is not toxic, so the herb is safe for consumption in moderate dosages. We recommend you you buy a trademarked version like Sensoril or KSM-66 Ashwagandha, as both come from companies that utilize high quality control standards


Research has found that Ashwagandha, since it is an adaptogen, is able to reduce stress and calm anxiety by lowering the secretion of cortisol from your adrenal glands. Additionally, it has been found to help lower Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, enhance memory functions in the brain, and lower immunosuppression in cancer patients. Further studies are being conducted to see just how effective Ashwagandha might be in helping to treat symptoms of and even prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is another popular Ayurvedic herb. Otherwise known as water hyssop, Bacopa monnieri interacts with specific neurochemicals (serotonin and dopamine, to be precise) and boosts communication between neurons in the brain. Bacopa monnieri has been found to elongate dendrites, which are the nerve endings found in each cell. This allows neurons to communicate more rapidly. Like with Ashwagandha, we recommend you supplement with a branded/trademarked version of Bacopa like Bacognize for the same reasons as using a branded Ashwagandha (mainly quality control).


Since Bacopa monnieri targets chemical interactions in the brain, it is effective at enhancing cognitive abilities, including memory functions. Also, since it is an adaptogenic herb, Bacopa monnieri is able to reduce stress levels by slowing the secretion of cortisol. Studies have shown that Bacopa monnieri is effective over time and should always be taken with food.

  1. Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea has been used in Scandinavian and Chinese medicine for hundreds of years due to its multiple abilitis. It appears that extracts that are taken from Rhodiola work as neuroprotectants, meaning that they protect cells from damage by invading free radicals. While its effects haven’t been thoroughly studied, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to support some of these claims. Although there is not a branded version of Rhodiola available, we suggest using a company that offers third party testing for purity and heavy metals analysis. Pure Nootropics’ Rhodiola capsules are priced well and tested for purity.


Those who take Rhodiola rosea find that it helps them feel more energized, able to build more stamina and endurance, and improves their overall body strength. Of course, Rhodiola rosea is also known to be a nootropic and has been used to treat symptoms of fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Like Ashwagandha, it has the ability to lower high levels of LDL cholesterol and potentially treat cancer.

  1. Ginkgo biloba

Another popular herbal supplement that you will find on the shelf at your local pharmacy is Ginkgo biloba. This herb comes from one of the oldest known living species of trees and is used as a nootropic, antioxidant, and to help with symptoms of macular degeneration in the eyes. This herb is often added to nutrition bars and powdered formulas for its vast abilities.


Studies have shown that an average of 240 mg of Ginkgo biloba taken daily is effective in treating symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Additionally, it seems capable of improving memory and cognition abilities in younger to middle-aged adults. Since it is rich in antioxidants, Ginkgo biloba is able to rid your body of free radicals, keeping your cells protected from damage as you get older. This could potentially decrease your chances of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s as an older adult.

  1. Ginseng

Finally, we have one of the most popular herbs in use, Ginseng. Ginseng has been extensively researched over time and found to be effective at many functions. In fact, it is difficult to think of a part of the body that Ginseng is not said to positively impact on even a minor scale.


There is strong evidence to suggest that Ginseng plays a role in increasing cognitive abilities since it seems to be able to reduce fatigue. Those who take Ginseng on a regular basis report feeling happier while taking it. Ginseng is also able to stimulate blood flow throughout the body, reduce inflammatory responses, and even reduce the overall risk of getting cancer.

All of these herbs are available in over-the-counter supplement form and are considered relatively safe for adults to consume. Of course, you should consult your doctor before taking these herbs so that you are aware of the recommended dosage. If you want to step out of your brain fog and be able to think more clearly, give these herbs a try. They might just protect your brain from damage and decline in the long-run.

What are Ketones? The Simple Key to Creative Music

Everyone knows that creativity is the key when it comes to good Blues Music. Even though there are several ways to become creative and instances where the muse strikes, it is good to have a solid method of achieving this consistently. Enter ketones.

What are ketones?

Ketogenic Supplements are the most effective supplements for attaining speedy, ultra-low reduction in excess body fat levels with optimum muscle preservation! Now, just like all common assertions, there are incidental exceptions. The weight loss attainable on a ketogenic supplement is nothing short of amazing! And, notwithstanding what people may tell you, you will additionally enjoy high energy as well as a total feeling of wellness. Our bodies make use of ketones through our mitochondria to produce energy. They are a substitute fuel to glucose. Ketones are generally simple compounds as a result of their compact molecular shape and weight. Particularly, they are natural (carbon-based) compounds.

In human beings, there are 3 distinct ketones generated by the mitochondria of the liver. These are usually commonly called ketone bodies. They include: Acetone, Acetoacetic Acid Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid (commonly known as Beta Hydroxybutyrate

Building better muscles with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

The problem does not about developing strong muscles; the major challenge is how do you get to maintain them? If you happen to be an athlete who is passionate about building a lean muscle mass, then this problem is something you can easily identify with. Several weeks of hard work in the gym can be rendered useless by just taking a couple of days off.

This process is called protein breakdown and it occurs because of exercise. Extreme anaerobic exercises can bring about minor tears in the fiber of muscles. The body generally fixes and improves the existing muscles to give them more strength. But in the process, some of the muscles are broken down and used as fuels.

Thus muscular breakdown can be prevented by applying different strategies; however, one of the most effective strategies for developing a lean big muscle is to make use of a beta- hydroxybutyrate dietary supplement. As earlier stated, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is one of the 3 ketones bodies which are manufactured by the liver during its process of breaking down fatty acids. It is majorly utilized as cellular cells when glucose is not available. Several people have started using ketones bodies to serve as their major means of cellular fuel by subscribing to a process known as nutritional ketosis supplement.

Benefits of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate & Ketones Weight Loss Plan

• Appetite inhibitor: exogenous ketones are efficient at burning fat. Most likely this decrease in fat level was the result of the exogenous ketones minimizing your food consumption.

• The fate of extra ketones: In case an individual possesses far too much quantity of ketones in his bloodstream, the body system (particularly the kidneys) will work speedily to keep away ketones through urine instead of changing them to adipose tissue. This is not an assertion that you won’t gain weight when you devour an excessive quantity of exogenous ketones, although they are significantly less likely to be changed to fat compared to other supplements.

• More agreeable compared to Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT oil): MCT oil has been proven to produce a gastrointestinal problem in consumers, particularly when consumed in bigger quantities. Exogenous ketones available as ketone salts, in contrast, are usually well-tolerated. Hence they allow an individual prevent harmful GI incidents while supplying the body with fresh types of advantages


• Athletic improvement: An exogenous ketone dietary supplement provides an encouraging perspective for boosting sports performance for a wide range of factors. To begin with, consumed ketone bodies trigger a severe ketosis that lasts for quite a while and mimics the sensation of hunger. In addition, exogenous ketones offer an effective way to increase ketone quantities with no need of exhausted muscle glycogen stores (low muscle glycogen is widely recognized to hinder prolonged physical efficiency)

• Improved cognition: Increased plasma ketone levels refocus the brain to make use of ketone bodies for the synthesis of phospholipids, which promotes growth as well as myelination. Ordinarily, glucose would be the ideal substrate, but it is far less effective.Wellbeing & Long-life

• Anti-carcinogenic characteristics: Facts seems to depict that exogenous ketones are a powerful anti-carcinogenic agent. The reason for this is that cancerous cells cannot make use of ketone bodies efficiently, in contrast to many strong tissues within the body. As a matter of fact, nutritional ketone supplementation has been proven to enhance survival rates of mice with organized cancer by as much as 70%.

• Neuro protection: As people grow older, the brain tends to be more prone to neuro degeneration and problems such Alzheimer and Parkinson disease becomes more prominent. Exogenous ketone dietary supplement appears to rectify the common decrease in cognitive function connected with growing older. The possible process for this neuro protective attribute is that ketone bodies decrease the soreness and hyper excitability which is usually displayed as glucose metabolism decreases in the brain.

• Anti-Inflammatory attributes: There exists proof that ketone bodies perform an important task in minimizing irritation by hindering a particular group of proteins known as inflammasomes.

A great way to increase the efficacy of ketones is to use the Neurohacker Qualia product. The vast majority of people who are using this kind of supplement find it has a host of advantages. In fact, Qualia is one of the most well known nootropics currently on the market.

OptiMind Doesn’t Really Help Music Motivation Does It?

With all of the “Smart drugs” lately, I decided to give this Optimind trial a chance. Going in, I have been pretty skeptical about whether it would help with Blues music at all. Let’s see what really happens when you take these smart drugs.

With an outright attack with online networking and paid publicizing, Optimind bursts onto the scene in the not so distant past. With a couple of equation changes and also a name change from the Allerad, Optimind has made another name for themselves in front end deals (which means everybody has attempted it) however shouldn’t something be said about customer maintenance… Are individuals reordering?

With any semblance of our Editors’ Choice 2015 Winner “Luminol” drawing out the serious canons with the most intense Noopept based detailing we has yet had the delight of auditing, Optimind will need to haul something unique out of the pack. They don’t have a Noopept which Luminol does, yet do they has something we might have missed? Well, their consideration of Sulbutiamine may hold the appropriate response, if they are to challenge 2015’s, Victor…

Advertising Claims and also their Website

A social site, however as common almost no in the method for content and any good references to how Optimind cases to do what it does. While there are some little fixings portrayals, they neglect to incorporate any hotspots for their cases, and the supplement actualities name for the fixings is all around concealed. On the off chance that you need to take in more about Optimind also the fixings in that, will need to do your examination somewhere else.

Something along the lines of Qualia might be helpful as well. The nootropic called Qualia is a different topic for another conversation, though!

The cases on their site include:

  • Concentrate Longer
  • Wake Up Effortlessly
  • Feel the impacts inside 60 minutes

The site additionally states:

“Nootropics may assits any individual who needs to remain centered and get more vitality amid. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to expand energy, enhance memory, or lift profitability, OptiMind™ is a best nootropic available.”

Optimind Ingredients

Optimind keep the milligrams holed up behind a Proprietary Blend. At 1315mg’s there’s a considerable measure in there. This is what they’ve utilized for their detailing:

Vitamin D 385iu

Vitamin B12 500mcg

Restrictive Blend 1315mg

Alongside the rebranding, Optimind had an overhaul in fixings also.

Either the general population behind Optimind got a considerable measure of discount solicitations, or they mind… We presume the last mentioned.

GABA is a nootropic that has gone under a great deal of investigation starting late. Many now trusting that GABA experiences serious difficulties the blood-mind hindrance that the required measurements would be in abundance of anything a standard sort 00 container could hold. An ideal approach to motivate GABA to has it transported as Picamilon – that is GABA, and B3 Niacin reinforced. These different the opposite side of a BBB enabling GABA to do its work. Aside for GABA Opti mind’s recipe is solid!

Sulbutiamine is a sweet incorporation in Optimind and also a nootropic much likes Noopept in that it is regularly disregarded, because of its high cost. Anything in the scope of 500mg also over is probably going to cause a noticeable impact, for example, enhance the state of mind by influencing the Dopamine neurotransmitter, support individual capacities, for example, normal, memory, and enhance speed perusing times and quickened learning.

Not knowing the correct number of milligrams of the Sulbutiamine in an Optimind makes it difficult to survey the amount of the above is truly an event, and what amount is a misleading impact for those which swear by it. Once more, we get the inclination that the group of understudies behind Optimind knows their stuff.

Your Reports

Your audits, remarks, and messages in regards to Optimind has come in the bounty. A forceful web-based social networking effort has assisted with that.

Your reports propose Optimind appears to be appropriate as a vitality supplement that now and again moved torpidity. It would appear this jolt of energy is impermanent however with most analysts concurring that Opti mind’s belongings tended to most recent an hour and a half to 3 hours’ greatest. Similarly, as with most supplements, resilience tends to work with reports of the underlying vitality and center lifts dying down inside two or three weeks.

Uplifting news incorporates Lumosity mind preparing to program announcing upgrades to critical thinking while at the same time supplementing with Optimind, and we likewise noted changes in the state of mind levels.

Other Online Reviews

Online returns us blended assessments about Optimind, maybe because of it being a more up to date item, maybe because the more established equation didn’t coordinate to the cases. Some online analysts in the discussions seemed to appreciate Optimind and its capacity to build vitality, with some colloquialism they take it before working out.

Commentator Review (

“Our outcomes from utilizing the item were certain as in we felt more mental clearness and core interest. In any case, nobody on the supplement group saw any adjustments in rest or awakening as promoted on the landing page. In spite of the fact that the impacts were not as serious concerning other mind supplements, they were recognizable.”

Pundit Review (

“Opti mind’s authors have all the earmarks of being extremely energetic about their item, and to remain behind it with a 30-day unconditional promise. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply which that any of the supplement’s fixings have the important clinical evidence to demonstrate their viability, and the supplement’s cost could be considered rather steep.”


Optimind is sold at $43.31 on its official site for a 32 tally bottle. Try not to be tricked, however. With the serving size of Optimind being two containers for each day, this implies a 32 tally bottle is going to just last you untils around the center of the month. For the month you are taking a gander at multiplying that.

While we got some genuinely great outcomes from Optimind, the value makes it of poor esteem.


– Good vitality and center sponsor

– Relatively economical (maybe because of retailers needing to dispose of abundance stock)


– Still genuinely new in a market

– Side impacts for the most part caffeine-related

– Needs to be cycled because of consideration of Huperzine A

– No supplement certainties and imperative data recorded

– Poor incentive at the cost

The Bottom Line

While our perusers had more blended conclusions about Optimind, our own’s and those of our members’ were still genuinely positive. Optimind demonstrated well in its gentle consequences for center and memory, and for the underlying stages, in any event, functioned admirably as a vitality supplement.

Contingent upon that dosage of Sulbutiamine you should see enhance comes about after some time. In general, Optimind is a big item. On the off chance that there was one thing we could changes about it, it drops the caffeine measurement down a bit, and to bring down the cost as we can’t legitimize obtaining it at its present value point

Basic Facts about the Blues

As you probably already know, the genre of music that came to be known as the Blues can trace its origins to the USA, particularly during the 19th century when the racial divide was set firmly in place. This is worth noting because, during its early stages, it was considered to be a musical form exclusively developed by African-Americans.

One can surmise that one is listening to the blues based on a few crucial themes. In particular, it focuses mainly on the loves and lives of African-Americans, tugging on the heartstrings of the listener as it evokes all the hardships and hopes dashed. Aside from the content of its lyrics, the blues also makes use of a distinctive musical form that is often called soulful and emotional.

Of course, like with other musical genres, the Blues slowly changed as the times changed. One can root these changes based on the movement of the African-American population during the early decades of the 20th century as more and more folks left the rural areas and started going to the cities. This not only introduced the genre to a new set of listeners as well as to new practitioners.

Blues Pioneers Trivia

While there are many people who know the names of Blues pioneers, chances are that is the limit of their knowledge. This is because the lives of these musical geniuses are often shrouded in mystery. That is why this article seeks to shed some light on the inner workings of their mind by presenting a couple of interesting anecdotes about them

  • Lightning Hopkins – He was a firm believer that everyone knows the Blues since everyone was born into it. He said that our world always covered by it. Anxiety, fear, worry, all of it is the blues. At the same time, it can be the longing you feel for the person you love. Through this explanation, one can see that the blues is extremely relatable as a musical genre since it can speak to the very heart of its listener.
  • Son House – Ironically, Son House, one of the most influential Blues musicians, hated the genre when he first started out. In fact, he disliked all secular forms of music. This was mainly due to his Christian upbringing.

This article presented a couple of facts about some of the most influential Blues players in history.

Nootropic Stacks You Must Try

Nootropics offer its users a myriad of possibilities. They can improve your memory, enhance your creativity, and make you more focused. All of them are designed, in one way or another, to increase your cognitive levels and make you more intelligent. In short, its users are given the chance to make the most of what they have and improve upon it.

With the right nootropics, you can certainly become the best version of yourself. This article seeks to help you do just that. It explains the science of nootropic stacking and provides a few examples that you can try yourself.

Stacking Nootropics

Before anything else, let us first discuss the science of stacking supplements. The concept behind nootropics is simple enough. The supplement specifically targets a section of the brain in order to improve a particular cognitive function.

Stacking operates on this same principle. However, the difference is that instead of taking one supplement, you are taking a combination of multiple supplements. The idea behind this is that you are targeting multiple areas of the brain to get multiple results.

It should also be noted here that stacking also involves getting the right mixture of nootropics. This is under the assumption that the multiple supplements being taken come together to enhance and amplify each other’s effects.

Theanine and Caffeine

One of the best nootropic stacks, combining Theanine and Caffeine, is particularly interesting. It has also been gaining a lot of popularity recently especially among the younger demographic. In particular, many college students are experimenting with this stack. This is because they want to improve not just their ability to absorb and retain information but also to enhance their focus and improve their concentration during classes.

Despite its main ingredients, this particular mixture is surprisingly mild. In fact, it is mild enough that users can make use of it every day. This stack is perfect if you are looking for a noticeable boost in your energy levels and mood. Though undoubtedly popular today, this stack has been around for quite some time. Its history serves to prove that it is extraordinarily safe.

If you are interested in giving this stack a try, it would excite you to know that it has all the benefits of caffeine but none of its nasty side effects like increased blood pressure, anxiety, and irritability. Such negative effects are normally associated with coffee consumption. Yet, through the wonders of stacking, they have been effectively eliminated. This is because L-Theanine’s effect on caffeine neutralizes these symptoms.

Oxiracetam, Piracetam, and Aniracetam

Now, before anything else, we need to mention here that this particular stack is not for beginners. Stacking multiple racetams can get pretty heavy for beginners. Take that as your warning. So, proceed with caution.

All of these nootropics belong to the same category. Yet, when combined, they produce a myriad of effects for the user. By taking all of them in a stack, you will experience a longer lasting boost in your mood and cognitive levels.

These are just a few of the nootropic stacks you could try yourself.

Nootropics: Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease

Perhaps there is nothing more tragic than losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease. Watching your loved one have their memories taken from them as they slowly lose grasp of who they are is painful. It is one of the most common diseases out there for people in their twilight years, yet there are also cases wherein patients as young as thirty have developed it.

This article discusses one of the latest developments that demand our full attention. In the study of nootropics, one supplement is fast gaining popularity for its potential to treat Alzheimer’s.


 A Possible Cure: Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a nootropic supplement designed to improve its users’ memory. Since its introduction, the memory enhancer has steadily gained popularity. Given its initial results, the buzz around this particular nootropic is not at all surprising.

Huperzine A is a substance that is naturally extracted from the Huperzia Serrata, also known as the Chinese club moss plant. Though in its early stages, the substance has been used in clinical tests. These were conducted in order to explore the potential applicability of the substance to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other similar neurological conditions like it.

So far, the results are promising. Tests results show that Huperzine A is effective in improving memory and levels of concentration for healthy adults. More importantly, the same tests also show its effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of memory loss.

Interestingly, it has also been shown that this particular substance is most effective in small doses.

How Does Huperzine A Work?

Like all other nootropics, huperzine works by altering the chemistry of the brain to get the desired results. For instance, memory-boosting supplements like piracetam work by encouraging the increased production of acetylcholine which is in charge of memory recall and storage.

The reason behind Huperzine’s effects is actually very similar to this. In fact, it also revolves around the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Huperzine works well as an Alzheimer’s disease treatment because it works well as a cholinesterase inhibitor. Now, to be clear, this cholinesterase enzyme is responsible for breaking down the neurotransmitters that are involved in the task of memory formation and memory recall. At the same time, it is also worth noting that while Huperzine A stops the breakdown of memory, it also helps stimulate higher levels of brain activity.


Treating Alzheimer’s with Nootropics

It should be noted that low acetylcholine level is a clear warning sign for Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, it could also be a natural symptom of aging. After all, cognitive decline is one of its major downsides. Luckily, Huperzine A offers a lot of potential on this front. Like other nootropic supplements, this particular substance has the potential to help us beat one of the greatest roadblocks in our biology.

As of today, Huperzine A has been shown to have the massive potential not only to improve the user’s memory but also to give them an added layer of protection against deteriorative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

This article shows the potential of nootropics in terms of combating today’s diseases.


A Good Place to Start if You Have the Blues

Even though many times we are focused on music and jazz especially, we are going to spend the next few moments discussing a feeling of the blues that might be familiar with many of you: depression. Many people suffer from feelings of reduced anxiety, sadness and a host of other advantages.

Most people who are trying to get into the blues find that they need a way of improving their mood and sometimes it is easier said than done! In the next article, we are going to give you all of the mood enhancing changes that you need to be successful and healthy.

Supplements for Anxiety and Depression

There are many people who are trying to improve their feelings of anxiety and depression and this can come in a number of different ways. Here are some of the supplements that help as natural mood enhancers:

#1. 5-HTP5-HTP a really great nootropic in order to improve serotonin production. Many people use this after MDMA when their serotonin system is weakened and they have a depleted amount of this chemical. We suggest if you find 5-HTP serotonin benefits helpful that you start to improve other aspects of your mood as well.

This might mean you start eating a slightly different diet that is going to have a variety of advantages that you might have never thought of.

#2. Aniracetam – even though most people don’t realize this, there are smart drug options that can enhance the level of mood. You can reduce your feelings of anxiety (both social and general) by using compounds like aniracetam. There are plenty of people who utilize the aniracetam pills to get positive results, but this doesn’t always happen. These nootropics are great.

Keeping all of these things in mind can make a really big difference and there is a good chance you will be able to maintain your health when you utilize this tool. If the Qualia supplement included aniracetam, it would be even better.

The Basic Nootropic Stack Formula

Nootropics are among the most wonderful innovations we have today. They seek to help us be the best versions of ourselves, more creative, more focused, and generally more intelligent. The secret lies in mastering the science of stacking.

We recommend that you start simple. One of the most basic stacks you can do would be to combine your piracetam with choline. As you may already know, piracetam is designed to help you sharpen your memory, become more creative, and increase your overall productivity levels. However, there is a drawback to this particular nootropic, their effects take too long to take actually materialize.

This is where choline comes in. Supplementing it with your piracetam intake serves to hasten the process and give it a jump start. After all, you want things to work as quickly as you can. On top of that, because of choline’s natural characteristics, taking both nootropics together will eventually have an amplifying effect on piracetam’s benefits. This is because the brain is stimulated to produce and release higher levels of neurotransmitters than it normally would if you had just taken piracetam by itself.

Of course, this stack is just the start. Try to explore stacking yourself to enjoy the many benefits of nootropics.

Nootropics: Intelligence Boosters

Nootropics are often packaged as the miracle drug that enhances the user’s mental capacities. No matter how absurd these claims may sound, they are not so far off. There is a science to it, however, and the effects do not occur magically.

It should be noted that Nootropics work stimulating the different systems of the brain. If you want to increase your intelligence level then you should make use of supplements designed to have an effect on the cholinergic and glutamatergic systems of the brain. Of course, when we say intelligence, we are referring to the capacity of your brain to process, absorb, store, and recall information.

Acetylcholine and glutamate, there are the two most important neurotransmitters necessary for memory, learning, and reasoning. For increased cognitive capacity and intelligence levels, your nootropics should work on increasing the production of these two neurotransmitters.

So, for instance, if you consume nootropic supplements which increasing acetylcholine and glutamate activity for specific areas of the brain, like the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, you can directly improve your ability to learn new information and sharpen your memory recall among other things.

Improving your cognitive capacities is simply a matter of finding the right nootropic combination.