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While there are many people who know the names of Blues pioneers, chances are that is the limit of their knowledge. This is because the lives of these musical geniuses are often shrouded in mystery. That is why this article seeks to shed some light on the inner workings of their mind by presenting a couple of interesting anecdotes about them

  • Lightning Hopkins – He was a firm believer that everyone knows the Blues since everyone was born into it. He said that our world always covered by it. Anxiety, fear, worry, all of it is the blues. At the same time, it can be the longing you feel for the person you love. Through this explanation, one can see that the blues is extremely relatable as a musical genre since it can speak to the very heart of its listener.
  • Son House – Ironically, Son House, one of the most influential Blues musicians, hated the genre when he first started out. In fact, he disliked all secular forms of music. This was mainly due to his Christian upbringing.

This article presented a couple of facts about some of the most influential Blues players in history.

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